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Town of Mt Pleasant Board Meeting
Aug 16, 2010

Monday, August 16, 2010
7:30 PM
American Legion Hall, 316 E. Coates Ave, Monticello, WI.

Attendees: Sally Roe, Jerry Klassy, Mike Gengler, Marlis Silver, Susan Wetherington
Others: Tom Durtschi, Jim Meier, Bob Zurfluh

Chair Sally Roe called the meeting to order at 7:32 PM.
1. Minutes from the July 19 meeting and the special meeting August 6 were presented for review. Mike Gengler moved to approve the minutes; Sally Roe seconded the motion. Motion carried.
2. Treasurer’s report was presented. Jerry Klassy moved to approve the report; Sally Roe seconded the motion. Motion carried
3. Public Comment: There was none.
4. Payment of Bills: Bills were presented and reviewed. Mike Gengler moved to pay the bills presented; Jerry Klassy seconded the motion. Motion carried.
5. Plan commission report: The plan commission met August 9. Two issues were discussed. The August 23 public information meeting on the working lands initiative and the PSC wind energy proposal. Mike told the commission that the Town board is not submitting any comments to the PSC. He said the PSC published their recommendations on their website recently. Minority report is also posted.
6. Working Lands Initiative and public informational meeting for August 23: Chair Sally Roe went over the needs for the evening and the proposed agenda.
7. Patrolman’s report: Tom Durtschi and Bob Zurfluh spent time patching roads and putting gravel on shoulders (22 yards on Gutzmer). Ditch work may be needed and will be done with our tractors. There is also a need for more gravel on Trumpy Road on north end. There was damage to road signs which Bob reported to sheriff’s department—2 yield signs, one curve ahead sign and school bus sign. Bob mowed Bob Babler’s driveway—15 minutes. A tree on Gilbertson road needed cleaning up Friday night. Bob asked that only one person call him on these incidents. John Anderson will finish clean up. Bob put high water signs out and did brush removal. He also said that there was extra stuff at dumpsters and was directed to take it to the landfill. He said he will need more gravel for roads. The ‘94 snowplow truck needs muffler repair. He also had new signs to put up. Bob said he will also talk to the Peer’s and see if they need anything for the Truax Cemetery.
8. Road work update/discussion: Purintun is finished, Gutzmer is done and Schneeberger is done. Sally said the board will review the road budget at next meeting to plan ditching. Oliver closure all done. Only landscaping needs to be completed.
9. Driveway Permit and/or land division approvals, if any: None
10. Old County Highway C/Pratt Road abandonment: Mike Gengler said that everything was ready for the notices to be served. He will get them ready and arrange for the serving service. Sally has talked with landowners. There was a question on the easements. The board will talk to the county and landowner Kim Buehl to check on these. Mike will also talk to DNR.
11. Fire District/EMS Summary: The Fire District will not purchase equipment at this time. In 2013 will look at replacing the pumper. New Glarus EMS is going to raise their rates 3%.
12. Any Other Business/announcements
a. Grant for public buildings: Sally will review’
b. All Hazards mitigation draft presented to supervisors.
c. NG village & town notice putting together plan on extra-territorial boundaries and annexation issues.
d. WTA Unit meeting is August 25.
e. September 20 with public hearing on Pratt abandonment at 7PM
13. Adjournment to closed session: Mike Gengler moved to adjourn the meeting and go into closed session; board will not return to open session; Sally Roe seconded the motion. Motion carried.

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