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Town of Mt Pleasant Board Meeting
Dec 13, 2010

Monday, December 13, 2010, 7:30 PM
Monticello Village Board Room, Village Hall, Monticello, WI

Attending: Jerry Klassy, Sally Roe, Mike Gengler, Marlis Silver, Susan Wetherington
Others: Roger Zurfluh, Bob Zurfluh, John Zurfluh

Chair Sally Roe called meeting to order at 7:33 p.m.
1. Minutes: Minutes from the November Meeting were reviewed. Mike Gengler moved to approve the minutes as presented; Jerry Klassy seconded the motion. Motion carried.
2. Treasurer’s report: Marlis Silver presented the financial report. Jerry Klassy made the motion to accept the treasurer’s report; Sally Roe seconded the motion. Motion carried.
3. Public Comment: Roger Zurfluh asked about the road that the Buehls are putting in. The work is being paid for by the Buehls.
4. Payment of Bills: Susan Wetherington presented the bills for review. Mike Gengler moved to pay the presented bills and Jerry Klassy seconded the motion. Motion carried.
5. Plan commission report: The Plan commission met in November. Mike Gengler said that the commission is waiting on change over in legislature and how they will respond to the wind energy rulings. The plan commission has a draft ordinance for consideration.
6. Patrolman’s report: Bob Zurfluh reported that the road team has been plowing snow. He said both trucks were serviced, had lift cylinders replaced and both salters fixed. He took the mower off and put on plow. There was a sign down on Rechsteiner Road; he also checked Gallagher’s drive. He said she calls when big snow comes and if he can do it at leisure. She will call him directly. The big plow was used today.
7. Review of roadwork: Trumpy Road work was discussed. Roadwork is complete for the year.
8. Update on Pratt Road Vacation status: DNR is publishing the notice of abandonment. If anyone requests a hearing, DNR will hold a hearing. Mike Gengler will follow up with Sandra Chancellor of DNR.
9. Appointment of poll workers, election inspector: Not needed at this time.
10. Set caucus date and time: Sally Roe moved to set the town caucus for Monday, January 17, 2011 at 7:30 pm with regular meeting to follow. Jerry Klassy seconded the motion. Motion carried.
11. Driveway Permit approvals, if any: Supervisors discussed whether a time period needed to be included in the ordinance about the refund if the process takes longer than permit time. Sally Roe will send driveway permit and ordinance to Kim Buehl and we will check with the village about that driveway since the driveway is in both jurisdictions.
12. Land divisions, if any: None
13. Fire District Summary: The fire district has paid bills and set dates for firemen’s appreciation dinner.
14. Any Other Business/announcements: Spring road tour will include Gilbertson Road bridge options and culvert discussion for Oliver Road. Marlis Silver will request fire department billing every 30 days so that she can pursue 3rd party collections in timely manner. She also said that tax bills are coming out late and there will be no totals in the tax bills. Sally Roe asked that the district meeting attendance be put on the January agenda. Sally Roe also made the announcement not to run as chair in 2011. The Town will need chairman candidate(s).
15. Next meeting: January 17
16. Adjournment: Mike Gengler moved to adjourn the meeting; Jerry Klassy seconded the motion. Motion carried.

Susan Wetherington, Clerk

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