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Town of Mt Pleasant Board Meeting minutes
Jan 18, 2010

Regular Board Meeting
American Legion Building,-Monticello
Monday, January 21, 2010

Members present: Chair Sally Roe, 1st Supervisor Mike Gengler, 2nd Supervisor Jerry Klassy, Treasurer Marlis Silver, and Clerk Susan Wetherington
Others present: Roger Zurfluh, Bob Zurfluh

Regular Town Board Meeting:
1. Chairman Sally Roe called the regular town board meeting to order at 7:34 PM.
2. Michael Gengler made the motion to approve the minutes of the January town board meeting; Sally Roe seconded the motion. Motion carried.
3. Marlis Silver presented the treasurer’s report. Jerry Klassy moved to accept the treasurer’s report; Mike Gengler seconded the motion. Motion carried. Discussion followed on road budgets for 2008, 2009 and 2010’s upcoming budget. $40,000 of 2008’s money was used in 2009. 2010 budget will be $40,000 less than 2009’s budget and actual.
4. Public comment: None.
5. Bills: Bills were presented for payment. Michael Gengler moved to pay the bills presented; Jerry Klassy seconded the motion. Motion carried. The letter to Kathleen Gallagher stating that the town will stop plowing her drive after this year will accompany bills for the plowing and the mirror repair sent to her.
6. Assessor’s report: Craig Galhouse asked the board to set the Board of Review for 2010. He will then plan the deadlines according to our choice. The board approved Monday, May 17, 2010 starting at 5:30 PM at the American Legion hall. The BOR will precede the regular monthly town board meeting. Craig has some site inspections to do when the snow is gone. He was also contacted by the County Treasurer to talk to some residents with questions about their assessment and tax bill.
7. Resolution to oppose DOR county assessment proposal: The resolution suggested by the Wisconsin Towns Association was reviewed. Because the bill is only in draft form at this time, the board decided to hold the resolution and find out more at the WTA district meeting Feb. 12. Resolution was tabled.
8. Plan Commission report: None—no meeting held in January.
9. Patrolman’s report: The board reviewed plow/salting work done for Darrell Carpenter. Approved billing him for salting only at $50. Weight limit signs are up, bridge sign up, stop sign fixed, blades replaced, high water signs were put up and taken down. Plow blade was off but is fixed now. Trucks were washed on Jan. 13 at Preferred Transit. The town prepared paperwork for GC Emergency Management and FEMA for the Dec. 8-10 snowfall. Green County contacted Town of Mt Pleasant and would let the town use the tree trimming equipment free if we contracted their labor. Area identified for tree trimming—Schneeberger Road needs trimming, Jerry Klassy suggested. The town will develop a budget amount for tree-trimming and let the GC Highway Department know the limit that we can spend on that project.
10. Two outstanding driveway permits will have final inspection after the snow cover is melted.
11. Mailbox policy—Sally Roe presented a mailbox policy for the board’s review. In the resolution, she included the mailbox safety information from the Department of Transportation to help residents with questions. The resolution states that mailboxes are a privilege and that the town will not pay for their replacement if they are damaged during snowplowing or other town business. Michael Gengler moved to approve the resolution; Jerry Klassy seconded the motion. Motion carried.
12. Wittenwyler Road posting—the board discussed whether to create a resolution or ordinance about traffic and weight limits on Wittenwyler Road. Discussion also included whether to make exemptions and what standards would be used. The board tabled the Wittenwyler Road Posting resolution to the February meeting.
13. Noxious Weed ordinance—The resolution presented last fall was brought before the board. The resolution was reviewed and changed to read that the Weed Commissioner would receive payment “at the rate established by the town board.” Sally Roe moved to approve the ordinance with the change “at the rate established by the town board” in Section 5. Michael Gengler seconded the motion. Motion carried and resolution approved.
14. Fire District Summary—Fire district meeting time was changed to 7:30 PM. Discussion included long-term replacement of equipment planning, reserve account amounts and the annual banquet, set for January 25 at the Dining Room at 209 Main.
15. Other business—Sally Roe asked who would be attending the WTA District meetings. Sally, Kerry Klassy and Mike Gengler will attend the Feb. 12 meeting in Mineral Point and Susan will attend the Mach 27 meeting in Whitewater.
16. Jerry Klassy moved to adjourn the meeting; Mike Gengler seconded the motion. Motion carried. Meeting adjourned.
Next meetings: Monday, February 15, 2010
Monday, March 15, 2010

Submitted by:
Susan Wetherington
Town Clerk

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