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Town of Mt Pleasant Regular Board Meeting continued
Jun 28, 2010

Town of Mt Pleasant
Board Regular meeting
June 28, 2010
American Legion Hall—Monticello, WI

Attending: Sally Roe, Jerry Klassy, Mike Gengler, Marlis Silver, Susan Wetherington
Others: Hans Sulzer
1. Chairman Sally Roe called meeting to order at 7:34 PM
2. Delinquent Property Tax Bill: the board decided to follow the procedure chosen last year and send letters stating if not paid by November, the bill will be put on the property tax bill.
3. Plan commission report: The Plan Commission met June 7.
a. They verified that Silvers did not use a land division when they had a certified survey map made recently.
b. Wind energy issues and proposed regulations were reviewed. Mike Gengler said that the state did not include much compensation and protection for adjoining land owners.
c. The commission also set the public informational meeting on the Working Lands Initiative for August 23. Sally Roe will revise letter and send out on August 1. The plan commission will invite a DATCP representative to speak at the meeting and possibly lead it.
d. The board reviewed the letter drafted to the state on the proposed wind energy ordinance. Mike Gengler moved to send the letter to the Public Service Commission asking that the commission increase the amount of distance between wind energy generators and neighboring lands. The motion died for lack of a second. Mike Gengler asked if the board wanted to make modifications to letter and submit it to the PSC. No changes were made.
4. Patrolman’s report: The mowing is almost done; they sprayed thistles and brush, identified gullies and washouts to fix, and guardrails that need attention on Gilbertson Road’s west side. On the Krueger Road Bridge, the rails are secure but there are problems with the concrete. The Bridge inspection report said all our bridges were okay, although some suggestions were included in the report. New Glarus Welding fixed the ‘95 truck hydraulic hookups. The patrolmen trimmed bush on Wettach Road and the brush was chipped. Oliver Road had some water across road. Pot holes are appearing again on Silver Road and will need attention. Sally received the list for the road signs and they are ordered from Decker.
5. Road work update: The work order from the County for Gutzmer Road increased in price. The original cost was $8,450 but is now $9,360. The Roe’s will pay additional costs. The Town’s portion would be $4,225 plus shouldering material. Mike Gengler moved to accept county proposal with Roes paying half the original cost plus extra costs, as they suggested. Jerry Klassy seconded the motion. Motion carried with Sally Roe abstaining.
6. Purintin Road bid: Sally Roe said there are three parts to the work. Jerry Klassy moved to accept Bartelt’s bid for crack sealing and paver patching for $31,401. Mike Gengler seconded the motion. Motion carried. Mike Gengler moved that the seal coating portion of the project be deferred and no bids accepted. Sally Roe seconded the motion. Motioned carried.
7. Driveways: Sally Roe has contacted Weisners about their driveway inspection and reported that they are not ready for the final inspection. Natural Gas Company notified Sally Roe that the drive they were installing is only a temporary one and they will remove later. At that time the town will refund their deposit.
8. Pratt Road closure: Mike Gengler said the next step is to go to the Department of Natural Resources with the request. He will draft a letter to send to DNR.
9. Assessor proposal: Sally Roe moved to have Wisconsin Appraisal Services draw up a contract for 2011 (for his Option 2 on his informational letter) to present at the July meeting; Mike Gengler seconded the motion. Motion carried.
10. Electronic recycling update: Susan Wetherington updated the board on new rules that will not allow electronic devices to be land filled after September 1. They will need to be recycled. The Town’s responsibility starts with informing residents of this change.
11. Town accounting software: Sally Roe told the board that we are looking at converting the Town accounting software from Peachtree to QuickBooks in November.
12. Firework permit: The Grossen family on Wettach Road requested a fireworks permit for July 4. They submitted the correct form and the town will not have any liability, as explained in the form. Sally Roe moved to issue the permit and Jerry Klassy seconded the motion. Motion carried.
13. Fire district report: Spring Fling Barbeque was a big success. The district is seeking bids to replace/fix the concrete around the building.
14. Other business:
a. There is an informational meeting for New Glarus EMS this Wednesday.
b. We will be cutting weeds for the Village.
c. Fire calls ordinance to look at for July.
d. The board discussed whether a timeline needs to be added to the driveway ordinance.
15. Jerry Klassy moved to adjourn the meeting, Sally Roe seconded the motion. Motion carried to adjourn the meeting.

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