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Town of Mt Pleasant Regular Board Meeting
Sep 20, 2010

Monday, September 20, 2010
7:10 PM
American Legion Hall, 316 E. Coates Ave, Monticello, WI.

Attendees: Sally Roe, Jerry Klassy, Mike Gengler, Marlis Silver
Others: Bob Zurfluh

Chair Sally Roe called the meeting to order at 7:10 PM.
1. Minutes from the August 16th meeting and the August 23rd Public working lands informational meeting were presented. Mike Gengler moved to approve the minutes as presented; Jerry Klassy seconded the motion. Motion carried.
2. Treasurer’s report was presented. Jerry Klassy moved to approve the report; Mike Gengler seconded the motion. Motion carried
3. Public Comment: There was none.
4. Payment of Bills: Bills were presented and reviewed. Mike Gengler moved to pay the bills presented; Jerry Klassy seconded the motion. Motion carried. The Fire District’s billing was discussed. Jerry and Sally will talk to the District about doing the billing themselves or giving more detail on our billing. Our Fire charge ordinance also needs to be looked at and updated in the future.
5. Plan commission report: The plan commission met September 13. The Plan Commission decided no further action was needed on working lands given there was not much interest shown at informational meeting. Wind energy was discussed and the commission feels the town should adopt its own ordinance. Mike will draft the ordinance. The PSC final rules are published and have been given to legislature for approval.
6. Patrolman’s report: Bob Zurfluh said him and Tom have been filling potholes, putting up signs and working on mowing. He ordered 2 yards of breaker for cemetery today. He got the parts from SLOAN and fixed the mower. Purintun road needs more gravel. Jerry said Gutzmer could use some too where the paver patching was done. A couple low areas on Oliver Road were discussed. Oliver needs some ditching done on a couple areas. The board doesn’t know if budget will allow this to be done yet this year. Some grass clippings have been dumped in road ditch near Rechstiener and Purintun Rd intersection. Bob will remove these and Sally will write letter to landowner stating these cannot be dumped there and next time we have remove them the landowner will be charged. Bob asked about truck maintenance that needs to be done. The board advised him to make a list of what needs to be done and to take the trucks to Lakeside in Monroe. If more work needs to be done than what’s on list then they will have to contact Bob first. Jerry will meet with Bob and the County to look at Trumpy Road ditch problems and will have the County come in and correct the problem before it freezes.
7. Overweight Permit: Roe Farms Trucking, Inc. requested a 6 month overweight permit for Wittenwyler Road. Mike moved to approve the 6 month overweight permit for Roe Farms Trucking, Inc with the $250.00 permit fee. Jerry Klassy seconded the motion. Motion carried. Sally Roe abstained.
8. Road work update/2011 Budget discussion: Sally Roe handed out a proposed 2011 budget and a year to date 2010 actual compared to the budget report. We have spent most of our 2010 material and road work budget. The ditching work may need to be done in 2011 budget.
9. Driveway Permit and/or land division approvals, if any: None
10. Old County Highway C/Pratt Road abandonment: Mike Gengler moved to approve the resolution for Pratt Road abandonment. Jerry Klassy seconded the motion. Motion carried. Sally will send copy of signed resolution to DNR. Mike will continue to check with DNR for navigable waterway paperwork. Once received from DNR we will file the register of deeds. Mike will check on quitclaim deed for bridge with Dan Bartholf who is preparing that paperwork.
11. Fire District/EMS Summary: The fire district worked on its budget and is hoping to keep amount the same or only increase 3%. Albany EMS rates are staying the same. New Glarus EMS contract will be on October’s agenda for approval.
12. Any Other Business/announcements
13. Fireworks permits were discussed.
14. Next meeting will be Wednesday, October 20th if that works for Susan. November meeting will be 3rd Monday and the budget hearing and special town meeting will precede the board meeting.
15. Adjournment to closed session: Mike Gengler moved to adjourn the meeting and go into closed session; board will not return to open session; Jerry Klassy seconded the motion. Motion carried.
16. Closed session opened at 8:40 PM.

17. Closed Session: Gilbertson Road Bridge Accident Discussion/Action under Wis. Statutes 19.85(1)(g) conferring with legal counsel for the government body who is rendering oral or written advice concerning strategy to be adopted by the body with respect to litigation in which it is or is likely to become involved.

Sally reported that the damage to bridge has been repaired. Our insurance company reimbursed for the guardrail damage only. Horton sent a letter to the Siegenthaler’s regarding their liability for the damage their car caused. We received a letter from their carrier stating because the car was stolen they are not liable for damage and will not be paying any claims. The board felt with the amount of damage being around $1,000 it is not worth pursuing this any further. Legal bills could potentially be higher than the actual damage. The board decided no further action was to be taken on this matter.

Jerry Klassy made the motion to adjourn the meeting; Mike Gengler seconded the motion. Motion carried and meeting was adjourned at 8:46pm.

Respectfully submitted: Sally Roe, Chairman

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