As of SEPTEMBER 1, 2010, Electronic equipment will no longer be accepted at the Green County Landfill for landfill BUT will be accepted for recycling at a cost. Please separate electronic equipment for recycling. This is include electronic stereo devices, televisions, computer equipment, montiors, printers, cell phones and other electronic devices. For more information on what is recyclable please go to the Wisconsin Department of Resources website or call the Green County Landfill at (608) 897-8605

Recycling for Town of Mt. Pleasant Residents:

Recycling materials may be dropped off at any time at the town garage located at 811 E Lake Ave, Monticello, WI

The Pelletteri Waste Systems recycle dumpsters are there 24 hours/7 days a week for drop off.

Only recyclable items are accepted. Garbage and junk are not permitted.

Please refer to Green County Landfill page for information on garbage disposal.

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