Town Board

Monthly Town Board meetings are held the second Monday of each month, unless notified otherwise. Meeting begins at 7:00pm at the Monticello Village Hall, Monticello, WI

Town Board Elected 2nd of April, 2019. Term ends: 12th of April 2021 after the "Annual Town Meeting"
Term is two years (elected in odd years)


Ken Christen

W3810 Oliver Road
Monticello WI 53570

Phone: (608) 426-0688
Email: [email protected]

Supervisor I

Bryon Feller

N6437 Schneeberger Road
Monticello WI 53570

Phone: (608) 862-3796

Supervisor II

Jim Marty

Phone: (608) 558-3641


Joni Waelchli-Buehl

N6903 Marshall Bluff Road
Monticello WI 53570

Phone: (608) 938-4657
Email: [email protected]


Marie Bittner

W2761 County Hiway EE
Albany WI 53502

Phone: (608) 862-3435
Email: [email protected]