2020 Election Calendar: 2020 Election Schedule: 7th of April- Spring Election and Presidential Preference, 11th of August- Partisan Primary. 3rd of November- General and Presidential Elections. The polling place is Zwingli Church in Monticello.  Polls are open 7am to 8pm.

Weather in Mt. Pleasant, WI

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Sun, 29 Mar 37°F 46°F Drizzle until evening.
Mon, 30 Mar 32°F 55°F Clear throughout the day.
Tue, 31 Mar 27°F 51°F Partly cloudy throughout the day.
Wed, 1 Apr 30°F 49°F Possible light rain overnight.
Thu, 2 Apr 39°F 55°F Light rain until morning, starting again in the evening.
Fri, 3 Apr 39°F 56°F Light rain until evening.
Sat, 4 Apr 34°F 47°F Mostly cloudy throughout the day.
Sun, 5 Apr 28°F 50°F Possible light rain in the evening and overnight.